The Classic Guide to Better Writing

guide to writing skills basics – plus grammar and spelling This is a book with three titles. The Classic Guide to Better Writing was originally The Way to Write, and it has also been issued by Warner books as The New Guide to Better Writing. What does this mean? Well, my guess is that it […]

The Art of Punctuation

how to use common marks of punctuation Noah Lukeman is a writers’ agent with a lot of top class clients, so maybe he knows whereof he speaks on this issue. He is concerned with the business of clarifying your writing by using punctuation in an efficient manner. The unique selling point in The Art of […]


grammar, spelling, and editing software program Lots of people don’t like spelling-checkers and grammar-checkers. It’s no fun having your weaknesses highlighted. Yet they can save you from many embarrassing mistakes – and you can learn good writing habits from them. STYLEWRITER tries to overcome this problem by offering a wide palette of distinctions and a […]

Internet Writer’s Guide

advice plus extensive online resources for authors How can the Internet help authors today? Isn’t writing still just a matter of putting pen to paper? There are so many new developments in electronic publishing, free web space, media mergers, and online bookshops: won’t these take our attention away from being creative? Well yes, they might. […]

Hot Text: Web Writing That Works

new writing techniques for web communication If you’re thinking of putting some of your writing on line, keep this rule of thumb in mind. Write 50% less than you would in print – otherwise people will not read it. This is one of the hundreds of tips and guidelines packed into Jonathan and Lisa Price’s […]

CVs and Job Applications

presenting yourself successfully in writing If you’re applying for a job, you need all the help you can get. This book is a guide to maximising your chances. CVs and Job Applications is a manual of practical advice and useful tips on how to design your CV and write successful job applications. It focuses on […]

Web Style Guide

principles of good design, navigation, and usability This is a guide to Web site design, not to HTML coding. In fact, it will be entirely suitable for someone who has a basic grasp of HTML, but who wants to learn about the strategic issues of how to communicate via this amazingly cheap and democratic medium. […]

Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works

managing large scale web site makeovers This is a book about managing Web re-design projects – but in fact the general principles could be applied to any large project. And the details could be applied to any first time Web design. The authors make it clear that they are not offering a Web design manual. […]

Web Pages that Suck

principles of good design – shown by critiques of bad sites This is a web design guide with a twist: it teaches by negative example. Yet it works – and has become a best-seller. The subtitle tells all: ‘Learn good design by looking at bad design’. The idea of learning how to make a nice […]

Web Design: Start Here

from zero to web design hero in easy lessons ILEX are in the business of producing very high quality books which offer beautiful page layout and graphic design, elegant fonts, and a crisp approach to digital production. Their latest volume on web design is an excellent example of putting computer technology onto the printed page […]