Web Design in a Nutshell

comprehensive manual, plus tips and explanations Web site design manuals are often all screen shots and little substance. These can be quite useful for beginners, who might be intimidated by too many technicalities. At the other extreme there are the dense catalogues of coding definitions issued by the standards authorities which only an expert would […]

Universal Design for Web Applications

an introduction to the study of sign systems Universal design is a general principle, but it’s used here as something of a coded term for two topics which are discussed in detail. One is designing for accessibility (people with disabilities) and the other is designing for a variety of devices – PCs, laptops, PDAs, and […]

The Smashing Book

glamorous illustrated guide to modern web design The Smashing Book is an offshoot of a web site that offers daily, sometimes twice daily articles on the very latest trends in web design. Some are about graphics and getting the best visual effects; some are tutorials on the latest developments in cascading style sheets; and others […]

The Non-Designer’s Web Book

best-selling Web design manual for beginners Robin Williams is a top Web design guru, and this is one of her best-selling books. You can see why. The Non-Designer’s Web Book is clearly presented, beautifully designed, and lavishly illustrated with full colour screen shots and examples of successful Web pages. It’s a book for beginners. Everything […]

The Art of Project Management

Project Management skills from A to Z Scott Berkun was a senior project manager at Microsoft who worked on the development of Internet Explorer, Windows XP, and MSN. These are his reflections on the philosophy and practice of project management, and on software development in particular. Three things immediately stand clear: he knows a lot […]

The Art and Science of Web Design

web design strategies – for the present and the future Jeffrey Veen is a webmaster who put the pages of avant-garde magazine WIRED onto the Net, and he went on to have something of a best-seller with his first book – HotWired Style: Principles of Building Smart Web Sites. The Art and Science of Web […]

Taking Your Talent to the Web

guide to good usability and web design principles Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the new generation of writers on web strategy and design. His new book Taking Your Talent to the Web aims to help traditional designers move beyond HTML into the new possibilities of style sheets and XHTML. But this isn’t a practical guide […]

Secrets of Successful Web Sites

business strategy and management of web design projects David Siegel is a Web design guru who made his name with the best-selling Creating Killer Web Sites. That was a manifesto on graphic presentation: this is his thesis on the organisation and management of web design projects. The first part of the book offers fifteen case […]

Poor Richard’s Web Site

web site design and maintenance on a budget This publication has an interesting history. Peter Kent is an author of best-selling titles, yet when he wrote Poor Richard’s Web Site, a plain folk’s guide to the most rapidly expanding part of Information Technology, publishers didn’t want to touch it. He therefore released it himself in […]

Learning Web Design

Illustrated and comprehensive introduction to HTML Jennifer Niederst is a specialist trainer in web design. Her last book, Web Design in a Nutshell, is a best-selling reference guide to the subject. Learning Web Design is her latest – a manual that covers all the basis of HTML design – from a detailed explanation of coding […]