interactive web site pages sample book This is a stylish – nay, glamorous portfolio of Web page design. InteractiveDesign2 collects the best in graphic creativity from interactive environments generated over the past two years. Two hundred illustrations are featured, including color reproductions of websites, CDROMs, kiosks, and other interactive media. The companies featured include big […]

Homepage Usability

rigorous examination of 50 big commercial websites This is the latest broadside from usability guru Jakob Nielsen – well known for his radical and uncompromising views on Web design. It’s a follow-up to his best-selling Designing Web Usability. What he does in Homepage Usability is spell out the basic principles of what makes a Web […]

High Performance Web Sites

fourteen steps to faster loading web sites Steve Souders calls himself a ‘frontend engineer’. He’s a designer at Yahoo responsible for making their site work faster. He explains fourteen strategies for making web pages appear more quickly in a browser. And they’re not overly-technical. In fact he reveals his basic purpose from the outset in […]

Dreamweaver The Missing Manual

complete manual and guide to popular web editor The ‘Missing Manual’ series is the brainchild of best-selling author David Pogue. These guides provide printed instructions for software normally issued without them. Dreamweaver seems to be the web design tool of choice for both serious amateurs and professionals. It offers lots of powerful tools which allow […]

Don’t Make Me Think

illustrated guide to new web strategies and usability This is one of the new generation of web usability manuals. The objective isn’t to produce sophisticated pages full of tricky code. It’s more concerned with general strategies – based not on what web designers can do, but on what web users actually need. Steve Krug’s sub-title […]

Developing Online Content

The principles of writing and editing for the Web Anybody who has worked on Web projects will know they can become very complex. And those who provide the textual content are often trapped between graphic designers striving for visual glamour, and clients who want to promote their message. This guide to the entire process offers […]

Designing with Web Standards

XHTML + style sheets = creating ‘timeless code’ Jeffrey Zeldman is an evangelist for designing with web standards and browser compatibility. He suggests that we should embrace the latest technologies to design pages that everyone can view. And he shows how it can be done. The standards in this case are methods of what he […]

Designing Web Usability

provocative and radical examination of good web design Jakob Nielsen is the number one guru of ‘Web usability’ – mainly because he invented the term. What this expression means in a general sense is the degree to which web sites have been designed with the needs of users in mind – as distinct from those […]

Designing Web Graphics

comprehensive tutorials on web site design Don’t make any mistake. This is not just a book about designing web graphics. It’s the fourth edition of guru Lynda Weinman’s best-selling compendium of web design tutorials. She offers a manual of digital design which deals with far more than its title suggests. It covers all the basics […]

Design and Build the Coolest Website in Cyberspace

web design guidance manual – from start to finish There are dozens and dozens of web design manuals on the market, so what makes this one any different than all the rest? Nick Nettleton has gone for a visually attractive layout. Every page in this guide is composed of densely layered graphics; every section is […]