Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual

basic hands-on techniques for beginners Missing Manuals are a series of technical help books which have come along to fill the space left by software developers who can’t be bothered to explain how their programs work. This one covers lots of software, because it deals with the entire process of creating and running your own […]

Creating Killer Web Sites

best-selling web design guide with graphics emphasis Design guru David Siegel posits the notion that web sites exist in three ‘generations’. First generation sites, created in the mad rush of the early 1990s, were not much more than text files with hyperlinks – and they were inescapably linear: most had edge-to-edge text that ran on […]

Create your First Web Page in a Weekend

well-planned tutorials on HTML design basics Can it really be done in a weekend? Well, if you set some time aside and follow the tutorials in this clearly-written guide, it’s possible that you could have a few decent pages up within the forty-eight hours. Steve Callihan kicks off with some background explanation of Web matters, […]

A Pattern Language for Web Usability

improve web site efficiency and usability Pattern language is a notion borrowed from architecture. It means ‘standard solutions to recurring problems’. This is rather like ‘learning objects; in the design of training courses or standard solutions to problems in computer programming. In terms of Web design, this means using templates and lowest common denominator solutions […]

Web Type: Start Here

from typographic zero to hero in easy lessons This is a very stylish production giving an overview of Web type. Every double-page spread has been carefully planned and laid out. It’s a book which follows the same principles of good design it espouses. Tom Arah starts with a crash course in the history and principles […]

Typography bibliography

Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris, The Fundamentals of Typography, Lausanne: AVA, 2006, pp.176, ISBN 2940373450. Tom Arah, Web Type: Start Here!, Lewes: ILEX, 2004, pp.192, ISBN: 1904705189. Jeff Bellantoni and Matt Woollman, Type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics, 2nd edn, London: Thames and Hudson, 2005, pp.176, ISBN 0500512434 John D. Berry, dot-font: talking about […]

The Manual of Typography

best-selling introduction to type and good page design This book appears regularly in the Top Ten list of typography manuals – and rightly so. Although The Manual of Typography began life as one in a series of general introductions to arts and crafts, it has established its reputation on the strength of its scholarship, clarity, […]

The Fundamentals of Typography

The Fundamentals of Typography I like books explaining typography, because they are forced to illustrate the points they are making, and the result is usually pages with plenty of visual interest. That’s what makes books such as Eric Spiekermann’s Stop Stealing Sheep and James Felici’s The Complete Manual of Typography so popular. The Fundamentals of […]

The Complete Manual of Typography

encyclopedia of type and typography This is a very elegantly-produced book which sets out the basic principles of type design and page layout. It bids to stand as a classic alongside the reigning Bible of typography – Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, which always comes top of typography favourites lists. It includes the […]

Stop Stealing Sheep

best-seller on the basics of typography and page design Don’t worry about the quirky title. Just pay attention to what’s on offer. This is a popular beginner’s guide to the appreciation of type which teaches by good example. Every page is a mini-tutorial in good design – an elegant balance of body text, pull quotes, […]