Working Spaces

interior design glamour for the home office Lots of people work from home today. In the world of an email address, a broadband connection, and a laptop on your coffee table, nobody knows you’re a consultant dog on the Internet. But if it gets more serious and you want to establish a grown-up home office, […]

Working at Home

combining your office with your home – elegantly Working at Home is the second book on the interior design of home office space I have recently consulted as research for a move to new office premises. Like the first, Working Spaces, it offers a powerfully stimulating set of examples, generated by people with imagination, flair, […]

The Tradition of Constructivism

documents, manifestos, and artistic policy statements The tradition of constructivism began in Russia in 1920 following the Bolshevik revolution, as an attempt to define a new art for a new age and New Man. It spread to Germany, attaching itself to the Bauhaus movement, and then moved in the 1930s to France and Switzerland. In […]

Modern Architecture: a critical history

an illustrated history of architecture 1900-2000 This is a scholarly history of modern architecture which has gone through a number of editions and has been kept up to date with obvious enthusiasm from the author, who is an authority on the subject. Peter Frampton starts with three short chapters that give the historical background to […]

Mediterranean Architecture

glamorous contemporary European house designs If you like looking at examples of beautiful mediterranean architecture, designer homes overlooking the sea, and experiments with shapes, materials, and domestic organisation – then this new book from Thames & Hudson is worth your consideration. It’s like A Place in the Sun on steroids. Dominic Bradbury has assembled mini-essays […]

Living in Provence

beautiful interiors and gardens from le midi For anybody who knows Provence, the very names of the locations in this book seem like a musical evocation of the place: Roussillon, Eygaliers, Avignon, St Remy, Aix-en-Provence. And if you’ve been there you will know that Provence is a region drenched in warm colours, beautiful vegetation, soft […]


working at home: living at work Home office living isn’t new. It used to be called ‘living above the shop’. That was a vertical separation of living and working space. But many people are now doing the same thing horizontally, with a home office, split-use rooms, or garden shed workshops. Deborah Dietsch has assembled a […]

Le Corbusier

his life, loves, and works Le Corbusier was born Charles-Edward Jeanneret in 1887 in the Swiss Alps into a modest middle-class family with a culture of hard work, music, and exploration of the countryside at weekends. Although he was not as academically talented as his older brother Albert, he rapidly developed skills in drawing and […]

Hip Hotels: New York

glamorous, modern, and fashionable locations Who would have thought that books on architecture and interior design would suddenly become fashionable. But that’s what’s happened with this Hip Hotels series, which made a big impact when it first appeared a couple of years ago. What are Hip Hotels? Well, Herbert Ypma defines them as Highly Individual […]

Green Architecture

the art of architecture in an age of ecology This is a general exploration of one of the most complex and important issues of today – how to construct a human habitat in harmony with nature. The chapters in Green Architecture include a review of twentieth-century green architecture, a review of eco-oriented shelter from Neolithic […]