Small Business Websites that Work

practical guide to getting started in eCommerce If you want to develop small business websites using eCommerce, this is an overview of all the things you will need to take into account. Sean McManus starts out by pointing to the new approaches required when doing business electronically. Your customers will expect instant responses; web sites […]

Search Engine Optimization

how to maximise page rankings with search engines I bought this book on search engine optimisation (SEO) because I trust Peter Kent’s work. His best-selling 2000 work Poor Richard’s Web Site was well-written, clear and friendly advice, and he spells out technology in a way which is easy to understand. He starts out here by […]

Remix: The Copyright Wars

Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy Lawrence Lessig is a lecturer in law at Harvard University and a leading authority on copyright and intellectual property rights in the digital age. He helped to found the Creative Commons movement, and he’s a former member of the Electronic Freedom Foundation. His works are a […]

Release 2.1

social, moral, and political issues raised by the Internet Esther Dyson is renowned for her digital savvy and is much syndicated as a sybil of cyberculture. She aims to bring us all out of the dark ages into the Brave New World of the digital age. This compilation is the hardback version of her electronic […]

Open Sources 2.0

essays and reports from the free software movement When we reviewed Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution six years ago, the movement for free software was only just gathering momentum – and O’Reilly were publishing a collection of essays which were essentially explaining its key concepts. Now this second collection is symbolically twice […]

Open Sources

policy essays by the free software movement pioneers O’Reilly publications have decided to throw their weight behind the Open Source movement. This timely compilation of essays written by its leaders reveal why it came into being, how it works, why they think it will succeed, and where it is going – particularly in its fight […]

Mashup Patterns

designs and examples for the modern enterprise Mashups originated in the music industry, where a mashup was a combination of two or more songs to create a new experience. Typically, the vocal track of one song was combined with the instrumental background of another. The result was a hybrid – but something new. For most […]

Internet Marketing and Promotions

practical guide to e-Commerce on a budget We are living in the middle of a gold rush. It’s the worldwide exploitation of the Internet as a medium of commerce. Companies like and CD-Now have jumped from spare-room start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises whilst other people have been deciding whether to upgrade their software. It’s […]

Intellectual Property and Open Source

a practical guide to protecting code The Open Source movement makes software available free for people to use or even to pass on to others. This flies in the face of normal commercial practice, where people jealously guard their intellectual property rights. Traditional laws support these rights – so when new open source projects come […]

Here Comes Everybody

how change happens when people come together Clay Shirky’s basic argument in Here Comes Everybody is that the advent of social media (email, FaceBook, MySpace, bulletin boards, Flickr) has fundamentally changed people’s ability to form and act in groups, because it has reduced the cost of doing so effectively to nothing. This is a similar […]