Hackers and Painters

software design, open sources, and eCommerce Paul Graham co-wrote the software for Viaweb, which was bought out by Yahoo for their successful build-it-yourself online stores kit. Hackers and Painters is his reflections on software design, eBusiness, open software, and capitalism today. You might be surprised by the resulting mix. It’s written in an engaging, grab-you-by-the-lapels […]

Google Advertising Tools

e-commerce strategies and web site optimisation If you want to make money out of your web site, Google Advertising Tools is the best guidance manual I have come across for a long time. Ignore the title: it’s not just about Google. Harold Davis deals with all the routes you can go down to generate income […]

Go It Alone!

the streetwise secrets of self-employment I bought this book on the strength of enthusiastic reader reviews at Amazon – and I was right to do so! It’s written as a guide and confidence-booster for those people who have decided to start their own businesses and embrace self-employment. It’s written in a lively, fast-paced style which […]

Getting Hits

the basics of generating traffic and web site promotion This is a beginner’s guide to web site promotion and search engine placement. Its main advantage is that it will not overwhelm somebody new to this arcane technology. Don Sellers begins with a simple explanation of search engines and what they do. He tells you how […]

Futurize your Enterprise

radical advice on customer-centred business methods David Siegel is a Web design guru who made his name with the best-selling Creating Killer Web Sites. That was a manifesto on graphic presentation: this is his thesis on business strategy and e-Commerce. The message is quite uncompromising – you must pay attention to what your customers want, […]

FREE: The Future of a Radical Price

The Economics of Abundance and Why Zero Pricing is Changing the Face of Business FREE is Chris Anderson’s follow-up to his best-selling and very influential book The Long Tail. In his first book he discussed the new shape of consumer demand, when everything is available and we can choose from the infinite aisle rather than […]

Enterprise 2.0

how social media will change the future of work The title of this book combines two coded terms – Web 2.0 and ‘The Enterprise’ – for which read social media software’ and Big Business. And the purpose is to show how the techniques and concepts behind Web 2.0 applications (blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS, and social […]

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

guide for businesses, innovative and creative individuals Anybody involved in a creative project – particularly where a number of people are involved – knows that an early question will always be raised: “Who owns the intellectual property rights?” Or you could be selling widgets, only to find that another company has started doing the same […]

eBay the smart way

selling, buying, and profiting on the Web’s #1 auction site The Internet has thrown up lots of new possibilities for commerce, and one which has exploded in the last eighteen months is online auctions. This is the car boot sale principle writ large. People are making a living – if not fortunes – buying cheap […]

eBay Hacks

eCommerce tips and tricks for auction success eBay is one of the big eCommerce success stories – a giant marketplace where over 20 million goods of all description are being bought and sold at the astonishing rate of $680 every second of the day. You can buy and sell almost anything. Some people buy what […]