eBusiness techniques and strategies for success Mitchell Levy preaches the simple message of all eCommerce books – “At the most basic level, online customers expect service, speed, and easy access”. In fact the overall message of E-volve-or-Die.com is that the customer must come first. He certainly explains how eCommerce works at a practical level, with […]

E-mail Publishing

complete guide to electronic publishing on a budget Lots of people now have websites, but are they reaching lots of customers? In the main – no. And the reason? Well, how does anybody know a site exists? Why should they go there when there are lots of others doing the same thing? And who’s got […]

E-Commerce User Experience

guide to making eCommerce sites more efficient Web guru Jakob Nielsen teamed up with design maven Donald Norman to form a consultancy which now dominates the business of Web ‘usability’. E-Commerce User Experience is a company report they have produced which offers guidelines on how to make e-commerce sites more efficient. The suggestions they make […]

Creating eBooks

complete guide to e-book publishing – on a budget Creating eBooks offers distinct advantages to writers. You can publish whatever you wish; it doesn’t cost much; you can start small; there are no printing, storage, or postage costs; and you can control the whole process from your back bedroom. It’s true that there are also […]

Content: Copyright and DRM

Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future Cory Doctorow is a young Canadian freelance writer and web entrepreneur who lives in London. He’s an editor of Boing-Boing and former director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; he writes science fiction novels, and he gives his work away free of charge – […]

Blown to Bits

business strategies and the new technology This book seeks to explain how technological developments are impacting in the world of eCommerce. We’ve all heard about the IT revolution, but where is it actually having an effect? Evans and Wurster start with the cautionary tale of Encyclopedia Britannica, whose business model was wrong-footed when Encarta was […]

Blogging and Social Media

exploiting the technology and protecting the enterprise This is a guide to blogging and social media with a difference. It’s aimed at professionals in business who might not have thought of using such communication techniques before. In fact it’s written by people with a background in law – which doesn’t at first seem like a […]

Associate and Affiliate Programs

practical guide to ‘making money whilst you’re asleep’ Associate and affiliate programs are a new form of e-commerce in which you don’t have to sell anything. How does it work then? Well, you put links on your website which send visitors to the site of a major player such as Amazon, Fatbrain, or CD-NOW. If […]

Amazon Hacks

100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools This book tells you how to get information from Amazon; how to contribute reviews, recommendation lists, and product advice; how to sell stuff; how to make money as an affiliate; and how to harness the power of Amazon’s enormous database using tools they will provide – all for free! There […]

Affiliate Selling

eCommerce for beginners Affiliate selling programs have been described as ‘making money whilst you’re asleep’. You join a scheme – free of charge – run by a major e-Commerce retailer. Then you put links on your website to their products – and when visitors to your site click through to theirs, you get a commission. […]