Copy Editing

a handbook for editors, authors, and publishers Judith Butcher’s Copy Editing is now firmly established as the UK classic reference guide for editors and others involved in preparing text for publication. It is written from the perspective of a professional copy-editor, and covers just about everything you would need to know in preparing any sort […]

Blogging, Citizenship, and Media

When blogging first took off, the mainstream media (MSM) poo-poohed it, saying it was a fad that wouldn’t last. Next, they started lifting ideas and news from bloggers and quoting them without attribution. Nowadays all newspapers and broadcasters have their own featured blogs and urge their readers to supply copy. They have been turned around […]

Blogging genius strategies

web log writing techniques and software Web logging, known as blogging, is an easy way of updating a web page via a browser without the hassle of launching an FTP client or HTML editor. Some people claim that the blog is an entirely new form of communication – and Biz Stone is one of them. […]

Blogging for Dummies

set up, publish, and maintain a blog that draws readers The blog trackers at Technorati now reckon there are 450 million blogs in existence, and new ones are being created at the rate of one per second – that’s 86,400 per day. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for people to broadcast their thoughts and observations – […]

Blogging – publish your writing

a selection of resources + how to get started If you want to try the latest thing in Net publishing, it’s called Blogging. A Blog (short for Web Log) is usually a combination of a personal diary, links to items of interest on the Internet, a commentary on them, plus personal thoughts and essays. It […]