Whitaker’s Almanack

world-famous one-volume reference and encyclopedia Whitaker’s Almanack is an easy-to-use and instantly accessible reference book for the home, the workplace or the classroom. It contains the latest information on the social, political, and economic infrastructure of the UK and the rest of the world – all in one single plump volume. It was founded by […]

Treasury of Sayings and Quotations

origins of quotes, proverbs, and expressions This Treasury of Sayings and Quotations is a compilation of phrases, bon mots, and observations from sources all over the world. Some are well known, and others are novelties drawn out of the data-bank of human wisdom from all over the world which you are invited to enjoy or […]

Totally Weird and Wonderful Words

a dictionary of obscure, unusual, and bizarre terms Do you know what illecebrous, langsuir, and telematology mean? No – I thought not. They are ‘attractive’, ‘female vampire’, and ‘the study of peat bogs’ respectively. Not a lot of people know that. Of course, you might say that not many people would want to know that. […]

The Oxford History of English

academic essays on the development of English language This is an updated version of The Oxford History of English which is now available with the claim that it’s ‘a book for everyone interested in the English language, present and past’. A reasonable claim – though one might wish to add the caveat: ‘suitable for everyone […]

Specialist Dictionaries

Specialist dictionaries have two distinct advantages over conventional reference books. First, they can include far more specialist terms, technical jargon, and explanations of meanings than a normal (average-sized) dictionary. And second, they will help cut down the amount of time you are likely to spend searching for terms. Many of them also include mini-essays on […]

Schott’s Almanac

entertaining collection of trivia and unusual facts I was given an earlier version of Schott’s Almanac as a Xmas present, and it kept me smiling all through the holiday. It’s printed to look like an old encyclopedia, but in fact it’s a new compilation of the most amazing – and amusing – trivialities. It starts […]

Roget’s Thesaurus

best-selling reference for word alternatives and opposites Roget’s Thesaurus is a classic and much-loved compilation of synonyms and antonyms. It was first published in the middle of the nineteenth century, and although the arrangement of its entries has been modified from time to time, it has remained in print ever since. When do you need […]

Roger’s Profanisaurus: Magna Farta

hilarious dictionary of slang, smut, indecency, and filth Do you know the difference between an air biscuit and a trouser cough, or the relationship between a pearl necklace and mammary dandruff? Do you know what an art pamphlet and a bongo periodical have in common? Welcome to the world of Viz, linguistic invention, and ribald […]

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary

dictionary + grammar + culture + communication Don’t be misled by the title of this book. The Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary is not simply a Spanish dictionary. It’s a full English-Spanish and Spanish-English dual-language dictionary, aimed at intermediate students and the everyday user. In fact it’s even more than that, because the two big lexicons […]

Pears’ Cyclopaedia

best-selling one-volume encyclopaedia, issued annually What is the population of Stockholm? the atomic number of calcium? or the best way to treat frostbite? To get all the answers in a one-volume reference guide, you need Pears Cyclopaedia. Pears’ (not the soap or fruit) is a long-established classic of compressed facts and knowledge. It packs all […]