Writing skills bibliography

David Acres, Passing Exams Without Anxiety, Oxford: How to Books, 5th edn, 2000, ISBN: 1857032691. Study skills tips for examinations up to undergraduate level. Includes advice on writing under pressure. Robert Allen, Punctuation, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002, pp.128 , ISBN 0198604394. Beginner’s guide, covering all the basics. Shows how common marks of punctuation should […]

Writing Reports

beginner’s guide to report-writing skills Oxford University Press have just brought out a series of short beginners’ manuals on communication skills. Their emphasis is on compact, no-nonsense advice directly related to issues of everyday life. John Seely’s book on writing reports covers all aspects of the process – from gathering information to presenting it in […]

Writing in Action

Tutorial for creative writing This is a practical writing guide aimed at students of creative writing. It covers poetry, the short story, theatre, and ‘persuasive writing’ of the kind which appears in essays and reports. Paul Mills starts with the practicalities of sentence construction – which lead immediately into grammatical issues of subjects, verbs, objects, […]

Writing Bids and Funding Applications

applying for sponsorship and financial support Many people now work in jobs which rely on funding – from either government or the private sector. Some of them spend a lot of time re-applying for money each year, just to keep themselves in work. This book will be a godsend to those who need help on […]

Writing at Work

the basics of business communications Robert Barrass is the author of Students Must Write. Writing at Work is his latest book, which is aimed at helping people with business communication skills. What he offers is a set of strategies for people who need to write at work – whether they are in administration, commerce, or […]

Writing a CV that Works

develop your key self-promotion and marketing tool This is a cheap and cheerful guide to producing an effective CV (curriculum vitae). Writing a CV that Works is suitable for complete beginners who may not have written one before, or for intermediate users who might want to develop their existing CV beyond merely a list of […]

Write in Style

lessons on good writing style – with lots of examples Write in Style is a good-natured and humane guide to the main elements of producing fluent and accurate English. Richard Palmer’s approach is practical and refreshingly irreverent. He covers good and bad sentences; how to deal with punctuation; how to strike the right tone; and […]

The Way We Write

interviews with award-winning writers There are any number of books on the theory of writing (Ron Kellogg, Mike Sharples, Naomi Baron) but we rarely hear from writers themselves about how they tackle this most personal of all expressive mediums and the writing techniques they use. Barbara Baker interviewed award-winning writers in a number of genres: […]

The Global English Style Guide

writing clear documentation for a global market Many people who do not speak English as a first language struggle to understand English texts. Human translation is expensive. Machine translation (MT) frequently does not work. Global English offers a solution to these three related problems. Many good style guides exist. Why do technical writers need another […]

The Elements of Style

best-selling short guide to good writing style This style guide is a well-loved American classic. It was originally written during the first world war by William Strunk who was then a professor at Cornell, and it has since been updated to its third edition by E.B.White, one of his former pupils. You might wonder why […]