How does the writers create tension and suspense in the two stories that you have studied?

The Tell – Tale Heart is a story about a man that takes care of and works for an older man. The old man’s eye is like a vultures eye. This drives the other man crazy so then he attacks the old man in the middle of the night .The story takes place in the old man’s house.

The Red Room is about a man who has come to a house to see whether this room is haunted. He finds out the room is haunted by only fear.
These stories are old Victorian stories. Many Victorian liked horror stories because they wanted rebel against religious people. They because interested all things to do with ghosts. Many ghost stories were written round this period because people were obsessed with things to do about the afterlife. They wanted to know where you went after death.

In Victorian times many people had servants or caretakers for their house. The Tell-Tale Heart shows this because the story has a caretaker who goes mad. The story was written to scare people.

Many Victorians thought places including houses were haunted and they would get frightened but they got scared over nothing. In The Red Room the room is only haunted by their fear.

Edgar Allan Poe creates tension in The Tell Tale Heart in different ways. One way he creates tension is through the atmosphere in the story. It changes throughout the story to keep the reader on edge. In the first stage the atmosphere is fast and tense because the narrator is talking quickly to show his plan. All the rhetorical questions the narrator asks, makes the atmosphere seem confused as well. For example the narrator asks

All through he mentions his madness. This makes the reader think he is mad. This creates tension because the reader is on edge.
In the second stage the man is about to kill the old man. The atmosphere is silent and slow compared to the first stage .The change in atmosphere begins when the narrator says “There was no pulsation. He was stone dead”. The short sentence here makes the atmosphere seem still and silent. The change in the atmosphere creates tension because the reader goes through different emotions.
Atmosphere is also used in The Red Room to create tension. The writer H.G Wells uses atmosphere in the same way as in The Tell Tale Heart fro example he uses different types of atmosphere to build up the tension. In the first stage of the story the atmosphere here is creepy. The atmosphere is created by the writer adding three pensions to create an old and creepy affect. The writer says one of the pensions has ‘pale eyes wide one’ and describes one pensions as ‘the arm with the withered arm’ These description of the pensions makes the atmosphere seem scary and puts the audience on edged at the beginning.

In the second stage the atmosphere is more tense and fast compared to the first stage. The second stage begins when the narrator says ‘with a cry of terror I dashed at the’ the quote shows that the atmosphere was fast because the narrator was dashing around. In the third stage has quick fast pace because the man has gone into his room, he comes out of the room and the atmosphere comes crashing down to a slow and shocked atmosphere. The atmosphere changes to a slow one when the narrator says ‘I opened my eyes in daylight’. The atmosphere changes at this line because its now daylight and its more calmer. Also this essay you can order on – just write my college research paper.

Both writers use the setting to create tension. The setting in The Tell Tale Heart is set in the home of an elderly man where the narrator had become a caretaker. The elderly man with the vulture eye and his house make the story seem creepy.

In The Red Room the story is set in a castle. A castle is a very good setting for a ghost story because it is full of rooms, corridors and stairs, which makes the castle seem creepy. The people around the castle are afraid of it because of The Red Room. I know that the room is haunted because the narrator says ‘show me to this haunted room of yours’. This line shows that the pensioners think the room is haunted and scary.
Characters in ghost stories are needed to make ghost stories are needed to make a ghost story work, especially weird characters. The weird characters help to create tension in the stories because they make the readers feel uneasy. The writer for The Tell Tale Heart has created a nameless narrator who makes people think he is mad, an old man and the police who enter near the end of the story. The narrator is focus of the story. He makes the reader feel uneasy by saying ‘How, then, am I mad?’ this quote shows that he is questioning his madness, by doing this he shows the reader that he knows he is mad and so does the reader.

There are four characters in The Red Room; these are three old people who believe The Red Room is haunted and the young man who is sceptical about the Red Room being haunted. The opposite characters builds tension because we have the young against the old.

Both stories are written in the first person. In The Red Room the narrator is a man and in The Tell Tale Heart the narrator is either male or female. This creates tension and even more confusion because we don’t now if the narrator is a man or a woman. Another effect the first person has on both stories is we only see the narrator’s point of view. This builds up tension because we don’t know what the narrator is going to do. The readers seeing the thoughts and feeling of the narrators also builds tension through the first person.

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The theme in The Tell Tale Heart is the eye and the fear that surrounds it. The eye also plays a part in the story by creating tension because the readers are afraid of it. I don’t believe in the ‘vulture eye’ because I believe it’s a figment of the narrator imagination. The narrator I think got worked up over the eye. Many Victorian would have been afraid of the eye because they believe the one who posses the evil eye has the power to harm people. Edgar Allan Poe added the eye to create tension and make people scared.

The writer of The Red Room made the theme fear and the power of fear has on people. The fear is created around haunted room. The fear in the story creates tension by putting the reader on edge.

The two titles of both the stories also create tension. The Red Room title makes the reader think what is the red room and whets special about it. All these questions make the reader seem confused, this creates tension and suspense.

The Tell Tale Heart title makes people again asks loads of questions for example what is the hearting telling. The first lines of these stories can also create tension. The first line in The Red Room is ‘I can assure you’ said I, that it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me’.
From this first line the reader thinks firstly that the story involves a ghost and secondly that the character is an educated man. The writer has made created tension by making this the first line because a ghost is mention. The reader may be scared by the mention of a ghost, this creates tension.

The first line in The Tell Tale Heart is’ True –nervous very,very,dreadfully nervous I had been and am but why will you say that I am mad?’
The reader wants to know why he is mad and why he is nervous. The interest in the character again adds more tension.
Repetition is also uses to build tension and suspense. Repetition is used in The Red Room on the first page. The old man repeats ‘Its your own choosing’. The old man is trying to warn the young man but at the same time he is leaving the decision to him. Another use of repetition is on page two where the old woman keeps repeating ‘this night of all nights.’ We never find out why that night is important but it gives the readers a red herring question so the reader carries on reading and the interest in the question gain builds tension.

Repetition is used in The Tell Tale Heart. The narrator repeats the word ‘louder and louder’. I think he keeps saying the louder so the more he says it the louder it gets in your mind. The Nasacort begins tog o mad with guilt towards the end. He or she keeps repeating ‘worse and worse’. I think this makes the reader feel sympathy for him but at the same time the situation is getting worse so he gets his comeuppance.
The Tell Heart writer creates tension also by using exclamination marks. The writer uses them to show the narrator shouting, this creates a fast and loud atmosphere making the story tense.

The writer in The Red Room uses long sentences to describe all the events happening leading up to the haunted room and the vents happening init for example the narrator says ‘These I put in various knick knacks of china with which the room was sparsely adomed,lit’. He is describing the room. I think the writer used long sentences to lead to something big. The writer uses on quick short sentence after all the long sentences to create variation. The narrator says’ I rose at once to my feet’ . This sentence changes the atmosphere at once to a scared one. The change in atmoshohere creates the tension.
The Tell Tale Heart uses short sentences also to create tensions for example the narrator says ‘Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing’. The story at this point is quick leading up to the madman killing. The quick short sentences build the tension leading up to the killing.
Irony is also used to create tension in The Tell Tale Heart . The narrator describes the night as ‘the dead hour of the night’. This is ironic because the old man is going to die in the middle of the night.

My favourite story is The Tell Tale Heart because I think it creates the most tension. The theme is really good because many people believe in the evil eye. Many references do the evil eye is mentioned in the Jewish, Ismlamic , Buddhist and Hindu faith so everyone can relate to the story. I like this story also because the narrator is very strong and he or she adds horror in the story because he or she always is trying to convince us of the fact that he isn’t mad.